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The following links provide further information regarding Liquid Chromatography/ Mass Spectrometry for Lipid Analysis:

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· The American Society for Mass Spectrometry is at







· The Lipid Library, which was run by William W. Christie for many years, is now operated by the American Oil Chemists’ Society. The Lipid Library keeps extensive resources related to fats and oils online at :




             Which can also be accessed from


· Dr. Christie’s page related to mass spectrometry of lipids is here :



· The most current literature survey of APCI-MS for Lipid analysis is at :



· The most current literature survey of ESI-MS for Lipid analysis is at :

Electrospray ionization mass spectrometry -  to 2004

ESI-MS from 2005 to 2009

ESI-MS from 2010 onwards


· The new book Modern Methods for Lipid Analysis by Liquid Chromatography/ Mass Spectrometry and Related Techniques by AOCS Press can be seen at:



· A Comprehensive Classification Scheme for Lipids” came out in the Journal of Lipid Research in May, 2005, as seen at:



· The International Lecithin and Phospholipid Society (ILPS) website is at:



· The Lipid MAPS consortium website gives the structures of PhosphatidylCholines and representative mass spectra of PC and other lipid classes at :



· The CyberLipid Center is at :



· The LIPID BANK for the Web gives the compositions of many types of lipid mixtures.  This can be accessed at :



· LIPIDAT is a relational database of thermodynamic and associated information on lipid mesophase and crystal polymorphic transitions. 

      The link to the LIPIDAT database is :



· The lists of masses on the previous pages include only the most common fatty acids. A more complete list of fatty acids, according to their trivial names, may be found at the American Oil Chemists’ Society Analytical Division webpage at:


· Additional Links can be seen at :